Is it worth getting a New Roof?

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Is it worth getting a New Roof? There are many parts that make up a roofing system, and each play a key role in safety and energy efficiency. Often the shingles type, roof colour, or material are the main focus on Residential Roofing such as Composite, Concrete Tile, and Flat Roofs. Still, an important factor is to always leave roofing to a professional company that gives warranties and stands behind their workmanship.

The weather changes can affect the lifespan of a roof like Rain, Heat, Snow, and Wind all of these conditions can deteriorate and cause damage. Non weather conditions such as Termites and insects can cause major roof damage also.

If your Roof has experienced any of these elements you may need a new roof and should have a qualified experienced professional to evaluate and service your roof. (United Express Construction Inc. provides theses services) Call 818 369 8823 





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