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We are California’s most trusted name in the garage business. We are a California Licensed company that specializes in garage conversions, garage building and garage remodeling.

We use only the highest quality products and materials, most that carry a lifetime warranty at an affordable price. All aspects of the garage conversion process – from initial drawing plans to final city inspection – are evaluated by both an in-house company inspector and a local city inspector. This process ensures our clients that we are in compliance with all city codes and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

We strive for excellence and safety first, so that you and your family can enjoy our products for life. With years of experience, it’s no wonder more people in California choose us for their entire garage related needs.

Los Angeles recently changed the rules to allow homeowners to create backyard homes. The most affordable way to create a rental unit is to convert your garage. With ever increasing rents in Los Angeles, you can earn monthly income by turning your garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit ( ADU ).

So, can your detached garage be converted to an income producing rental unit? 

We prepared a short checklist of the five key things that will allow you to move forward with a  garage conversion.

Detached Garage

Your garage is in the back yard and detached (separate) from the main house. In Los Angeles, the garage needs to be 10 feet away from the main house to qualify. In Culver City, it must be 8 feet from the house.

Power Lines

In Los Angeles, most properties have power lines running across the back yard. LADWP, the company in charge of those power lines, will not permit a conversion if your garage is directly under the high voltage lines.

Most of the time, your garage will be clear of the power lines if it is 3-5 feet away from your back property line. It is not a problem if the lines connecting power to your house run over the garage. The only concern is with the high voltage lines that typically run at the very top of the power pole.

SoCal Edison does not currently restrict garages under high voltage lines from being converted to living space.


Bed Room Garage Conversion
Bed Room Garage Conversion


When you convert the garage to an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), you need to provide adequate space for two cars to park on your property. Most driveways easily accommodate two cars parked in tandem.

Garage Size

For Modative’s garage conversion, your garage must fit two cars. A 2-car garage is typically at least 17’-6” wide by 17’-6” deep on the inside. The best way to determine this is to take a tape measure and run it from the inside of the walls in both directions. Most two-car garages will comply with this size requirement.

Garage Condition

Your garage should also be in decent condition, meaning it is not about to fall over. What makes our conversion so cost effective is that we are building a new apartment inside the existing walls. Some minor repairs, such as patching a leaky roof are not a problem. So, does your garage work for Modative’s predesigned garage ADU?


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