Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Solar Panels are very efficient when it comes to saving energy and money. Plus they are environment-friendly. However, as they are exposed to outside conditions they get dirty very quickly from dust and rain. Maintenance is the secret to keep your panel working at a maximum level which is also the key for you to be able to get 100% of the benefits from your solar panel.

Solar Panel Cleaning Service - Los Angeles CA
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How To Clean Your Solar Panels

United Express Construction is a trustworthy company with certified employees that have experience performing Solar Panel Cleaning. We have the right tools and cleaning solutions that will remove debris from the panel but also be gentle with the materials to allow the panel to achieve its peak performance. We also have expertise in cleaning solar panels of different kinds: carports, ground mounts and rooftops that are the most common. 


You might think that rain is sufficient to clean your solar panel, however, bird droppings and some environmental materials stick to the panels and can’t be washed away by rain. We know that you value your investment and want to take advantage of it as much as possible keeping your solar panel clean your panel does not only have a positive effect on its performance, but it also will make sure you comply with the warranty policies since most manufacturers include solar cleaning as a condition. Plus, performing solar panel cleaning regularly will increase the system’s lifespan.

The frequency of the cleaning depends on the location of your house or the construction where the solar panel is installed. 

We can provide you with more details about the maintenance required by your solar panel and the frequency of cleaning if you contact us so we can ask for more details and elaborate on our answer with that information.

The Process of Cleaning Cleaning Your Solar Panels


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