Roofing and Gutters

United Express Construction Roofing is a full-service roofing company.  Our expertise includes shingle roofs (high and low pitch), flat roofs (TPO, Modified), and metal roofs. Our teams are also highly qualified in carpentry and can help resolve your rotten wood, fascia, or soffit issues at the time we are replacing the roofs.

United Express Construction Roofing was formed to bring competent roofing installation to Multi-family and Commercial building owners, and as such is a market leader in the installation of Multi-Family and Commercial roofing. We will responsibly provide you with a quality system to resolve your roofing problems.  We understand the replacement of your roof is a major investment, and we will be a responsible partner to ensure the success of the project.

We believe in providing our customers with the best Roofing Materials, Quality Labor and Manufacturer Warranties the industry provides.  These are the typical types of roofs we most commonly install:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Metal Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Clay/Concrete tile
  • Slate/other composites
  • TPO
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Our greatest strength at United Express Construction Roofing is our ability to identify the needs of our Multi-Family and Commercial clients.  Our extensive experience sets us apart from the competition. The owner or manager can have peace of mind that the job is being performed professionally, safely, and with minimal disruption to the residents and tenants. From detailed resident notices, barricade systems, quality workmanship and consistent clean-up, it is our goal to earn each relationship and keep it for years to come.


We work to provide top quality workmanship, and are certified and licensed with the manufacturers of roofing materials we install. We use only the highest quality of materials, and we are bonded and insured.  When you choose United Express Construction Roofing, you can be assured that your roof is installed correctly, meets every specification, and is covered by a manufacturer’s material warranty as well as an United Express Construction Roofing workmanship warranty.


united Express Construction Roofing provides value-engineering services to asset owners, making recommendations for product specifications, scheduling and building systems to ensure quality all while meeting budget and time constraints. When a project moves into the construction phase, United Express Construction Roofing Project Managers are on-site for every job, providing a local point of contact and maintaining organization and consistent workflow.

Working with a reputable roofer like united Express Construction Roofing means more than just having high-quality products installed from the most trusted names in commercial building products. It also means you have the ability to protect this important asset with unsurpassed warranty coverage.


“Our Company Takes Pride In Our Unparalleled Commitment To Excellence, Integrity, And Taking Educational Approach On How To Be Energy Efficient …”