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United Express Construction Inc

United Express Construction Inc is an innovative, locally owned and operated construction and solar installation company in Los Angeles. With years of experience in solar power system installations and general contracting, for both residential and commercial markets, we guarantee to always provide you with top-notch, premium quality solar panel installation and construction services in Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

Well-Trained Professionals

At United Express Construction Inc, we are dedicated to providing quality services through the expertise of our well-trained, highly skilled, technical experts. Our knowledgeable employees will always be ready to guide you through the pre-installation or pre-construction process and ensure you will be getting exactly what you are looking for. Our construction teams are always respectful of your property, and always aim to provide as little inconvenience as possible.

If you are installing solar panels, we are also happy to walk you through the rebate paperwork, permitting, and system design. This is why we are the best solar panel company in Los Angeles.

Upon installation of your residential solar solution, our team of highly skilled technical experts will treat your home with proper care and utmost caution, ensuring that your property doesn’t get damaged in the process. We work promptly to install a new and perfectly working solar power system for your home that will generate energy on your roof and reduce your monthly utility bills.

For anyone looking for a Green Energy Company to handle your solar panel installation in Los Angeles, United Express Construction Inc is always at your service. We believe that solar should be affordable to for every home and business, this is why we will offer you the right payment options that fit your budget.

Our Services

At United Express Construction, we offer a wide variety of construction services to choose from in addition to Solar Panel Installation. No matter what your home needs are, we have you covered. No need to search around for multiple contractors. With United Express Construction, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done, and you will love the results.


When you get the job done right, a roof can last for a lifetime. From replacement to repairs, we make sure your roof gets the attention it deserves. A roof is more than just a top coating, it holds in heat, keeps out water, maintains the structure and has a real impact on how the house looks. Our team has the experience and knowledge to ensure the quality of your roof for years to come.


Compromising on electrical is really not an option in today’s world. You need to make sure your electricity is flowing smoothly and cost effectively to wherever it is needed. What’s more, when it comes to your safety, we take every precaution to ensure our electrical installations or repairs are of the highest quality.


Few things can be more frustrating and challenging to live with than plumbing issues. From leaky pipes, to heating and cooling issues, to poor flow and function, our team can fix or install new plumbing and restore your peace of mind.

Kitchen Remodeling

Looking for a new countertop, new doors and cabinets, or maybe you need the whole thing gutted and redone? We have a wide variety of options to choose from, and only source high quality products for our remodeling services.

Bath Remodeling

A modern, updated bath can be an amazing thing. We offer total and partial bath remodeling, so that you can have a bath you are excited to go into, and not cringe every time you enter.


A good quality paint job makes a big difference in any room or house. It sets the mood, enhances your decor and makes it truly your own. We use top quality paint and products to get the best color, vibrancy and longevity on your walls.

Drywall And Plasture

Needing a new room or wall built? Or maybe you want to remodel the layout of an existing space. Whether you are looking for smooth or textured, we have you covered. Our team provides long lasting drywall and plaster services so that you get the best results for either repairs or new construction.


We offer a wide variety of fencing options, from wood to aluminum and more. A good quality fence can serve many purposes, including security, aesthetics, privacy or preventing the dog from running off. Our fences not only last a long time but look great as well!


We offer concrete pouring and finishing options for many different needs: including driveways, sidewalk, or building foundation needs. Whether you need a large concrete area worked on, or just small repairs, our experienced team can meet your needs.

Customer Satisfaction

At United Express Construction Inc, we take an individual interest in every client. We are committed to providing high-quality services for everyone and will explain every step of the process and educate you along the way. This is what distinguishes us from other solar panel and construction companies in Los Angeles. We treat our clients like family.

All our solar services are designed to help our customers take control of their future by reducing monthly utility bills, evading risk, as well as meeting sustainability goals when it comes to how much is being spent on energy.

When it comes to construction, we are committed to improving your environment, so that you have a better place to live, work or play. We realize that many home improvement projects are very personal, and that is why we listen to your needs first, to make sure you are getting exactly the upgrades you are looking for.

Our objective is to provide customer service and results that earn your respect and referral to any of your colleagues, family, and loved ones that may be considering solar or construction services. We offer dedicated and personal 1-on-1 consulting and you can always expect top notch customer service, with a guarantee of our work and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

At United Express Construction Inc, we are the perfect fit for all your solar installations. Our Green Energy team of well-trained, highly experienced technical experts are capable of handling all your solar installations to optimal perfection. Our solar installation services come backed with an industry leading 7 year warranty, so you can rest assured of getting the results you want.

The Sooner You Go Solar The More You Could Save.

How does it work? The price of solar energy fromUnited Express Construction Inc is lower than the current cost of electricity our customers purchased from their utilities.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Financing Options


Solar loans are a great solar panel financing option if you want to buy your system. With many different solar energy loans available on the market, you can finance the entire cost of your system. These loans may be secured (using your property as collateral) or unsecured.


Your monthly electric bill savings should be greater than your monthly loan payment, allowing you to start saving money fast. You can save 40{0607b45f0ebfe4f3e5ee5e9e4e499b92969bd63887f3823f3010ce0356c9f892} to 70{0607b45f0ebfe4f3e5ee5e9e4e499b92969bd63887f3823f3010ce0356c9f892} on electricity costs over the lifetime of your system, as compared to doing nothing, by choosing a loan as your solar panel financing option. Solar loans have the same basic structure, terms and conditions as most other home improvement loans. Some states even offer subsidized solar energy loans with below-market interest rates. By buying your system outright, you are eligible for financial incentives, like the federal investment tax credit (ITC), and interest on secured solar loans may also be tax deductible, which means additional savings on your income taxes.

Our Financing Partner


“Our Company Takes Pride In Our Unparalleled Commitment To Excellence, Integrity,
And Taking Educational Approach On How To Be Energy Efficient …”

  • Robert S.
    Robert S.

    UEC Solar did a fantastic job. They kept every promise, and our system is up and running with SCE Approval in just about a month. The installers treated the property like it was their own. They installed the system so neatly. All conduits are painted to match whatever color is behind them - everything looks like it was built when the house was.  Nothing looks 'added on'.  I am super finicky about my house - and I'm blown away at the price, speed, quality, looks of the system, and professionalism of everyone involved.  I was treated with such respect by everyone there.  If you want the best bang for the buck, a system that is installed quickly, safely, and professionally, you likely will not find a better company to do the job.  I stand firmly behind UEC Solar.  -Robert S. in Arcadia, CA.

  •  Bobbie H.
    Bobbie H.

    UEC Solar just completed the solar passed city inspection....and away we go!  The installers showed up at 8:00 every morning as promised, and were very polite and clean.  No mess left at all.  From sales to installers to  Rachel in the office  -  always available for any questions I had.  I recommend UEC Solar to convert your is a very smart money-saving and energy efficient move!

  • Janelle W.
    Janelle W.

    So glad. we selected this company to install our solar.They are so ontop of things.Our city inspector said it was the cleanest install he had ever seen.We had a great experience with this company all the way from the office personel to the installers,We would use U.E.C. SOLAR  again in a heartbeat.I have recomended this company to my friends and even my parents.And to U.E.C. Thank you so much for caring about every detail..Sincerly Janelle Wade

  • Janelle W.
    Janelle W.

    We selected U.E.C. Solar after reviewing 8 quotes thru the EnergySage website. The U.E.C. Solar representative patiently answered all our questions and provided us with options. We were impressed with their high quality products and complete service. The U.E.C. Solar office staff is professional, well trained and provided frequent updates every step of the way. They handled all the paperwork for city permits, my HOA and transition from my electric company. The installers were polite, they showed up on time every morning and completed the project as scheduled, passing inspection on the same day as completion. We highly recommend U.E.C. Solar and consider them to be "the best of the best."

  • Js Satterthwaite
    Js Satterthwaite

    First of all, I was on the fence about solar mainly because of aesthetics, maintenance, and cost. I tend to be particular with things and careful with money and solar tends to be expensive. This is how I made my decision.I built my house in 2001 and my average P.G.&E. bill was between $70-$80 per month. Today my average is about $ 130 per month and isn't going to get any cheaper. Then, in doing research, contact was made with U.E.C. solar. Diego came out and walked me through the process and answered my concerns with cost and aesthetics. Yes, it's a little more initially, but now I'm paying for my solar at a known cost without the increases of P.G.&E. In a few years I will break even. I'm figuring in 5 years I will be money ahead. The panels are guaranteed for 25yrs, micro-inverters for 15. So, I should have 10-15 years with very little going out for electricity, if any. For aesthetics, I went with the "all black" panels because I think they look better. So, all my concerns were answered. Cost, initially a little more, but as P.G.&E. goes up, it only works in my favor. Maintenance with panels and micro-inverters lasting 15-25 years. And finally, aesthetics with the good looking panels. The U.E.C. folks in the field doing the install did a great job. Rachel in the office is "on it". We had an issue with the application going to P.G.&E., which Rachel solved. I recommend staying on P.G.&E., they aren't very quick to respond to applications to switch over and I had to threaten them with me turning the solar system on in order to move the process forward. Overall good experience. Take advantage of the 30{0607b45f0ebfe4f3e5ee5e9e4e499b92969bd63887f3823f3010ce0356c9f892} government tax incentive.

  • Robert Stern
    Robert Stern

    UEC Solar did a fantastic job. They kept every promise, and our system is up and running with SCE Approval in just about a month. The installers treated the property like it was their own.They installed the system so neatly. All conduits are painted to match whatever color is behind them - everything looks like it was built when the house was. Nothing looks 'added on'. I am super finicky about my house - and I'm blown away at the price, speed, quality, looks of the system, and professionalism of everyone involved. I was treated with such respect by everyone there. If you want the best bang for the buck, a system that is installed quickly, safely, and professionally, you likely will not find a better company to do the job. I stand firmly behind UEC Solar. -Robert S. in Arcadia, CA.

  • Harold Vaughn
    Harold Vaughn

    Like a lot of people we had read about solar panels and how they would lower our electric bill. There wasw not a day that went by where we were not inundated with numerous calls from solar sales people. Needless to say, we weren't impressed with the sales people. One call, however, was totally different.The sales person, Diego, who called was pleasant, informative, and knew what he was talking about. After serious thought, we agreed to have him visit our home for a solar presentation. We were pleasantly surprised to find his presentation not only enjoyable, but very informative. After serious consideration, we agreed to have a solar system installed. All information regarding installation and costs was carefully explained. All documents were meticulously done with all information given to us in a special folder. The first group of workers that were assigned to us appeared promptly at nine a.m. for setup and the beginning of the installation. Their interest in their assigned job was a pleasure to see as were the smiling faces and interest in the work they were to do. At the end of the day cleanup was meticulously done and organized. At the end of the week, workers arranged and setup what was to be done by week two workers. Week two and week three workers were as pleasant and hard working as group one was. When work was competed and ready for the code inspector, the whole area was a joy to see, All the workers who worked on our project were excited to have their work seen. The main office staff was very capable and eager to answer any questions we might have. (The phone door was always open for us to call with questions.) We would be happy to recommend UEC Solar to any individuals interested in using them to install their solar. Harold and Earlene Vaughn Very satisfied customers

  • Linda James
    Linda James

    They are a great company, Diego is awesome, did everything that we asked for. Our friends got solar with UEC Solar a year ago. We talk to them and they really liked the company also sad the work was great!! So we knew this was the company we wanted to go with. If your looking to get solar their the ones to go with!!