Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom remodeling is exciting, but only when it is over. Before that, you have a budget to set, timelines, and expectations to set. With a good plan, your remodel will go according to plan, but if you fail to plan, so many things could go wrong. When planning for a remodel, consider all the components of a bathroom. These include cabinets, sink, tub, shower and floor, toilet, faucets, knobs, mirror, drywall and cement board, lights, paint and primer, exhaust fan, vanity, inspection and permits, tile and grout, and fixtures and decorations. Read on. 

Create a List of Priorities and Set Expectations 

Every bathroom remodel should start with a plan. What are your goals for the remodel? When do you need the job done? When you are setting your goals and your expectations, you need to set your budget. Your goals will determine how your budget will be. You can do a simple bathroom remodel, or you can go for luxury bathroom additions, such heated towel rack, dimmer switches, television, smart mirror, and electric heater among others. 

To get a clear picture of the budget and the timelines, you need to list all the components you need and the cost of the materials. 

Plan to Source for Materials 

Before you start sourcing for materials, you need to consider the design style, which determines the color palette of the bathroom. You need to be consistent with bathroom color and material choices. The materials should match the design style of your bathroom. 

Once you choose the design style, talk to the manufacturers and pick the materials that are eco-friendly and affordable. Consider the weather-resistance of the materials you choose. You will need to consider any bathroom upgrades, including an electric heater and a radiant-heated floor among others. 

Plan the Logistics and Be Ready for Obstacles 

Planning the logistics helps you manage the timelines. You need to consider if you will use the existing pipes, or you need to install new pipes, check the shipping timelines, check if you need to seal off other rooms from dust, and clear your schedule to be available for the project. 

You need to be ready for any obstacles by considering subfloors, tub fit, wiring, and the inspection that comes during the remodel. From there, you can create a timeline. 

Talk to the Contractor 

The contractor will help you with the budget and the timelines. Talk to the contractor to consider their availability, the cost of the materials, and the quantities needed.

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