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Our Services

At UEC Solar, we are dedicated to providing quality services through the expertise of our well-trained, highly skilled, technical experts. We are committed to providing clean, environmentally friendly, solar energy solutions with innovative technology for both commercial and residential application. The quality of services we offer makes us the ideal company to carry out your Los Angeles Solar Panel Installation. Our services include:

  • Thorough Site Assessment.
  • Procurement of the highest quality installation materials at reasonable prices.
  • Quick, and efficient Solar Installation.
  • Free 1-on-1 Solar Consultations.
  • Simple, affordable solar solutions.

We also provide maintenance and financing, helping you get the best out of your residential solar system.

Solar Consultation

At UEC Solar, not only do we teach and advise you on all you need to know before going solar, but we will also teach you energy saving techniques to make you get the best from your solar system. Before selecting system components and sizing a PV system for an existing home, one of our technical experts will evaluate your energy consumption and educate you on all rebate government plans and financing available in your area. Call us today to get a free solar consultation.

Solar Consultation
Home Solar Panel Installation

Site Assessment

Our engineer will visit your house and perform a solar site measurement and shading analysis. Drawing of plans and loading report. We will determine the most suitable open space for you panels to be installed. We will also take a look at how durable your rooftop is for the solar panels, suggesting if there will be a need for renovations and any other recommendations before commencing installations.

UEC Solar will obtain permits from your city or county building department, schedule delivery and start the installation.

Solar Installation

We provide top quality solar installation services for both residential and commercial application. All solar installations will be handled by our well-trained, highly skilled, technical experts, with years of experience in installation of PV systems. We make sure your home solar power system is sized, sited, installed, and maintained correctly for maximizing energy. After installation, an inspection will be carried out by our Building and Safety Department. Grid-connected and PTO with your utility provider.

Solar Installation

“Our Company Takes Pride In Our Unparalleled Commitment To Excellence, Integrity,
And Taking Educational Approach On How To Be Energy Efficient …”